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Can be used as the new and improved form of lmao, meaning laughing all my To do a humorous send-up using lamps a'la Ryan Higa nigahiga on youtube. lampoon definition: 1. a piece of writing, a drawing, etc. that criticizes a We might also ask: does this cartoon lampoon the husband, or does it critique the wife?. Lampoon definition, a sharp, often virulent satire directed against an I read that you went to Harvard and wrote for the Lampoon there, but how did you break.

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Lampoon definition is - satire; specifically: a harsh satire usually directed against an individual. How to use lampoon in a sentence. Did You Know?. lampoon. When you make fun of something by imitating it in a humorous way, you're lampooning it. The writers at The Onion, Saturday Night Live and. Lampoon definition: If you lampoon someone or something, you criticize them very strongly, using humorous | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and.

lampoon definition: The definition of a lampoon is a speech or text that parodies someone or something or that uses humor to criticize. (noun) A cartoon making. Define lampoon. lampoon synonyms, lampoon pronunciation, lampoon translation, English dictionary definition of lampoon. n. A written attack ridiculing a. Definition of lampoon in the muammar-kc.me dictionary. Meaning of lampoon. Information and translations of lampoon in the most comprehensive dictionary.

Definition and a list of Lampoon examples from literature. Shadwell does not see Elizabethan playwright critically, while Dryden sees Johnson lacking this. Define lampoons. lampoons synonyms, lampoons pronunciation, lampoons translation, English dictionary definition of lampoons. n. A written attack ridiculing a. Lampoon may refer to one of the following: Parody ยท Amphol Lampoon (born ), Thai actor and singer; The Harvard Lampoon, a noted humor magazine. Define lampoon (verb) and get synonyms. What is lampoon (verb)? lampoon ( verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary. The magazine ran from to , and started out as a spinoff from the Harvard Lampoon. The magazine reached its height of popularity and critical acclaim. What is the meaning of Lampoon? How popular is the baby name Lampoon? Learn the origin and popularity plus how to pronounce Lampoon. lampoon meaning, definition, what is lampoon: to criticize someone or something in a h: Learn more. lampoon (plural lampoons) lampoon (third-person singular simple present lampoons, present participle lampooning, muammar-kc.me lampon. What is the meaning of lampoon? Showing results from over word lists. Meaning: A personal satire; abuse; censure written not to reform but to vex refrain for scurrilous songs, in which case it would be originally a drinking song.