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Turn on voice search. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google app Google Search. At the bottom right, tap More More and then Settings and then. Turn the Google Assistant on or off. On your Android phone or tablet, touch and hold the Home button or say OK Google or Hey Google. In the bottom right. All of those nifty Google voice commands are one of the major strengths of using an Android phone. But they're even more powerful if you.

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Google voice search is a powerful feature of all the AI Assistant found in almost all Android-powered smartphones, allowing your device to carry. Google Assistant, also known as OK Google, is a standard feature on most Android phones. It allows you to get directions to a destination. There are two primary methods of turning off Ok Google on your device. One option — perhaps the more obvious one — doesn't actually stop.

The “Ok, Google” command has become super useful. Whether you're on an older version of Android or one of the latest versions, “Ok, Google”. Turning on 'OK, Google'. Setting up Ok Google. Open your App Drawer, and open the Google app, then tap the More (hamburger menu) in the. Using the “Ok Google” hotword to start a search or execute a command on your phone is a cool, useful feature. But I get that it's not for.

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Google has hung their hat on Search for most of their existence. It collects data and enables the company to create ad revenue, which in turn. I do not want my phone listening to me all the time, so I want to turn off OK Google detection. I have followed the usual instructions to turn it off through Google. However, more can come through to your surprise if you activate 'OK Google' detection from any screen. This will mean that when your phone. Now it's almost as easy to activate Google Assistant on iPhone as it is on Android phones. It couldn't be easier to set up “OK Google” on iOS. Here's how you go about disabling 'Ok Google' functionality on your device. There are two methods of turning off Ok Google on your device. The “OK Google” voice command isn't working on LG G5. How to activate OK Google on LG G5. How to use OK Google voice search with LG. The “OK Google” voice command isn't working on LG smartphone. How to activate OK Google on LG G4. How to use OK Google voice search. More More and then Settings. Under Devices, select your phone or tablet. Turn on Google Assistant and then 5. turn “Ok Google” detection on. What's so special about OK Google? The phrase is a vocal command that allows you to enable Google Assistant on your Pixel 3 or 3 XL. The use of Google assistant is simple. If your smartphone has it, just say “OK Google” to activate it. And yes, you cannot use any personalized command here, .