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Susan Alice (Cameron) Bennett (born July 31, ) is an American voice-over artist. She is best known for being the female American voice of Apple's Siri since Bennett's voice has also been used in numerous local and national television. We recently sat down with Bennett to learn a bit more about her life and experiences as the original voice of Siri. The transcript below has been. Siri might frustrate you less once you meet the woman who voiced it. On Friday, CNN revealed that voice actor Susan Bennett is the voice.

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Siri has befriended an autistic child, been accused of homophobia, fought I never went public about being the voice of Siri myself, but having. CNN reports that Bennett eventually decided to reveal her identity as Siri's voice. But she “had no idea this would be such a big deal,” in her. Susan Bennett, voice of Siri, speaks at Radcliffe. She's had conversations with millions of people and most of them have no idea what she.

The original voice for Siri, all the way until iOS 10 has been based on Susan Bennett's voice. Now, the new voice uses machine learning to. According to TOI: On Friday, CNN reported it has discovered the original voice. The person had never before been identified publicly. Have you heard? Siri, the virtual persona that speaks from your iPhone, sounds different now. The new voice officially rolls out today as a part.

CNN has identified a woman who says she participated in the original spoke with CNN about her role in creating the voice of Apple's Siri. Atlanta-Area Woman Says She's the U.S. Voice of iPhone Now, the woman who is the original voice behind Apple's Siri has been revealed. But while we're sure Apple put a lot of careful thought into Siri's code, Susan had no idea they even used her voice until early adopters started. While the ever-secretive Apple has never identified her, all signs indicate that the original voice of Siri in the United States is a voiceover actor. Susan Bennett's life has changed dramatically since she came out publicly as the original voice of the iPhone's Siri in the United States. Susan Bennett, the original voice of Siri, sat down for another her voice in iOS 11, but Zachary Crockett of The Hustle has interviewed her. Susan Bennett, the original voice of Siri, looks back on the 'unsettling' experience of finding out that her voice was being used on iPhone. Correction: This post has been updated to indicate that the Siri “leaks” making headlines this week appear to be leftovers from WWDC As it turns out, all of Siri's spoken lines had been sold to an agency six years before, which Apple just ended up licensing. Not uncommon in the voice acting biz. The male voice received similar enhancements. It won't make Siri smarter, but it does make it sound nicer. Whether you are from the UK or.