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This is a list of world champions in professional boxing who retired undefeated, either during or after a title reign(s). It excludes current titleholders. A list that looks at some of the very select few in boxing's history who have managed to hang their gloves up with an undefeated record. Visit The Undefeated for up-to-date Boxing coverage.

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List of undefeated boxing world champions This is a list of world champions in professional boxing who retired undefeated, either during or after a title reign(s). Retiring undefeated in the sport is quite an accomplishment. This list features the only 13 boxers in history who were world champions and. Check out these undefeated boxers ahead of one of the biggest boxing fights this September at The O2.

Boxing fans tend to make too much of undefeated records, even as they are also dismissive of them. On one hand, fighters with even a single loss often sink. Considering that the official boxing world championships started in 19th century, the list of undefeated boxers is surprisingly short. Check all the current boxing champions for all four major organizations in each weight division.

Undefeated boxing world champions. Boxer, Weight class, Championship years, Title defenses, Notes Ring lbs, , 1, Retired undefeated (). Top Ten Undefeated boxers: Ranking the best pound-for-pound varies on different media and press institution. However, the number 1 and number 2 spot could. Today we take a look at top of the greatest undefeated boxers which include the likes of Edwin Valero, Laszlo Papp, Rocky Marciano and.

A weekly boxing list compiled by Michael Rosenthal. This week: Boxers who finished their careers undefeated. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is Rocky Marciano, Joe Calzaghe, Ricardo Lopez, Edwin Valero, Floyd Mayweather Laszlo Papp and top 10 greatest undefeated boxers in. Most of the greatest boxers of all time have red in their ledger. Muhammad Ali lost Here is a list of the top three undefeated boxers of all time. They say boxing is the ultimate test of one's physical and mental capacity. When one man steps onto the battlefield with another man, it is a true. Top 10 undefeated records of retired boxers: 1. Floyd Mayweather Jr (, 27 KOs), 2. Ricardo Lopez (, 38 KOs) 3. Rocky Marciano. Seven Boxing Records More Impressive Than Floyd Mayweather Going Mayweather breaking the record for the most wins by an undefeated. Results of a poll to determine the Greatest Boxing Athlete of all time as conducted on the ESPN Sport The Greatest Boxer? Ok, he's undefeated at 23 Dec - The undefeated club: Mayweather's unbeaten peers in the world of boxing. By Kabir Chibber May 3, The fight of the century is over and, as predicted. By Anthony Mason: Many are under the false perception that undefeated equates to great. When looking at the history of boxing, however, we. It. Means. Absolutely. NOTHING. Floyd Mayweather has perpetuated this idea that being undefeated means that you are the best boxer in the.