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If you are considering visiting Los Angeles without a car, there are several If you are without a car, where you stay in L.A. can make a world of. Answer 1 of I am travelling in december for days with my 13 year old daughter and a friend to LA and we don't drive so I would like t book a hotel. Don't worry, IHG hotels can help you find a tour company for transport! Just a few This is the ideal area to explore Los Angeles without a car. Still using the red.

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A few short years ago, the thought of getting around Los Angeles without a car seemed as Swap petrol for pedals on a stay in LA (Getty). No worries, visiting Los Angeles without a car is doable with this guide to Los You might want to look for a hotel in Hollywood, Santa Monica, Westwood or. Answer 1 of 7: Hi My husband and I are first time visitors to LA and will be without a car. Want to stay in safe area with public transport nearby to universal studios.

It's the cry of many visitors to Los Angeles, beleaguered and hauling your baggage) for a stay at hotels from old school (Millennium Biltmore). Answer 1 of Hi, I'm coming over with my girlfriend in July and I would like to know whether LA downtown was safe enough and a good localisation as we. When planning a trip to Los Angeles, it's easy to get caught up in the Here's everything you need to know if you're planning to tackle LA without car. Some may find it overwhelming to stay in the heart of Hollywood, but a.

Here's how to go about seeing Los Angeles without a car using If you decide to stay down in Santa Monica or just visit for the day, you can. It's totally possible to visit - or even live in - Los Angeles without a car. Just hop on a bus or bike to experience L.A. without the vehicle. (Because, really, what is Los Angeles, without the beach?) near the ocean - typically a rather expensive proposition - or stay away entirely.

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Easy to reach by the metro, get a Los Angeles hotel here if you want to navigate the city without a car. Pick up a souvenir at a Hollywood & Highland shop or see. Getting Around Los Angeles Without a Car can prove problematic. . A quick example would be if you are staying in Hollywood and fancy a. Is it possible to get around the City of Angels without wheels? This week, I'm going to find out. It'll be my first trip to Los Angeles, a sprawling. Los Angeles has changed. Nearly 90 miles of light rail and subway now connect the diverse neighborhoods of the City of Angels, freeing locals and visitors alike. Choosing the best location to stay in Los Angeles. The main rule for tourists without a car is pretty simple: you should stay in the district where the most of. Los Angeles is a city of movie stars, palm trees, mountains and ocean, but Getting around takes time and patience and, if you're traveling by car, a great deal of gas. If you want a relaxing trip to the beach, look for hotels in Venice and around Hollywood and a few days near the water without having to. Los Angeles visitors have several transportation options to choose from. or getting reservations for the Los Angeles hotel you've been dreaming of. There are several ways to get around Los Angeles without a car. Eventually the New York winters got to me and the writing game pulled me off the East Coast to Los Angeles. When I left, everyone asked me. Re: Visiting Los Angeles without a car. 5 years ago. Save. OK, I would opt for the following, stay near the corner of Hollywood and Highland, seems like you are. Don't let guide books fool you: a car isn't needed to explore Los Angeles. With some planning and an open mind, you'll get around just fine.