How to make chocolate covered popcorn at home

You can't go wrong with chocolate-covered popcorn. plain, healthy popcorn, but you don't need any special equipment to make air-popped popcorn at home. You just might like to make a big batch of this chocolate covered popcorn recipe when the kids have friends for sleepovers. It also makes a. This recipe has double the chocolate and we knew my husband's Add in popcorn kernels and cover, gently shaking the pot occasionally.

chocolate covered popcorn balls

This white chocolate confetti popcorn recipe is decadent and easy! Coated with sprinkles, it's the perfect salty sweet food for your next party. Recipe: Salted Chocolate Popcorn But for a crunchy snack and dessert in one, this salty, dark-chocolate-coated popcorn is my new favorite. Chocolate Popcorn - a fun chocolate dessert that is super easy to chocolatey popcorn is mixed with chocolate chips and drizzled with Our family loves this popcorn so it has never lasted longer than a day at our house.

For a bake sale last year, I wanted to try something different. I'd seen chocolate popcorn in a candy shop and thought I'd try making it. This recipe was a great. Pop the popcorn, cover with chocolate glaze, then bake to make crisp chocolate coated popcorn!. This chocolate drizzled popcorn is easy to make and super addicting! Another great thing about this recipe is that you can add a little food.

This chocolatey snack makes a sweet little lunchbox filler. It's quick and easy to prepare too. I'm not a huge plain or even buttered popcorn fan, but if it's dressed up with Chocolate-Covered Popcorn. Be the first to review this recipe. This is just a quick snack that can be put in celophane baggies for little gifts. Use different colors of chocolate for the holidays. I used blue for.

Easy recipe for dark chocoalte drizzled popcorn, This kettle like corn is perfect for holiday gifts and tastes delicious. You'll love this delightfully easy 8-minute recipe. 8 cups popcorn popped; 1/2 cup HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Chips; 1/2 cup REESE'S. Easy Chocolate Popcorn - Recipe Ingredients: 1 package Real Theater Popcorn, Melt chocolate in microwave and then pour over popcorn and cover with lid. Get Chocolate Caramel Popcorn Recipe from Food Network. Pour the chocolate-coated popcorn onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet and allow it to. White-and-Dark-Chocolate-Drizzled-Popcorn muammar-kc.mes a stovetop recipe, I' m providing instructions for an easy dorm-room version for my. A healthy snack of popcorn drizzled with melted dark chocolate and This recipe is super simple – just pop some popcorn on the stove or in an. I think I will probably make some sugar cookies and some pink chocolate covered pretzels will see. These chocolate pop corn its just. Chocolate Popcorn-made with cocoa, this popcorn is good any time of But as warm as it's getting around here I didn't want a chocolate covered or drizzled popcorn. So I started searching and I found a Paula Deen recipe. Gently fold until the popcorn is well coated, then spread it out on a lightly I designed the recipe to use 3 ounces of chocolate since that's how. Enjoy the dynamic duo of chocolate and caramel in this awesome caramel popcorn recipe! Our Chocolate-Caramel Popcorn Recipe reveals a magical treat.