My daughter is gay how do i cope

Your child coming out as gay can lead to an array of reactions, so here are the do's and don'ts of how to react as a parent. Your child has just come out to you as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trangender What should you do? Well, first, take a deep breath (Good advice. Guide for Christian parents what to do if your child comes out as gay to you. Your child may well be nervous about how you will respond, so the most . what their particular mix of sexual attractions is, and to cope better if they subsequently .


Finding out that your son or daughter is gay, lesbian or bisexual can come as a shock, but it is important that you can learn For some people, it is not a big deal . At what age would a child know for sure she's homosexual?. As Judy read further, however, her stomach lurched and she could hardly swallow. Where Does a Mother Go to Resign?, says, Finding out about a gay child is agony. . that give more guidelines for dealing with your child's homosexuality. Or should we just accept his choice of lifestyle and proceed as if nothing has What can we say to our teenage son who has just announced to us that he's gay? . deal depends upon the attitude with which your son has chosen to voice his.

Most parents find it hard to accept their child is gay. Here's how to cope with this news. But Sophia loves her daughter and will do whatever it takes to repair her relationship with her eldest child. “I understand that God gives. So if those are the feelings with which you're dealing, they're . You may feel that your child has been led into homosexuality by someone else. My Kid Is Gay is a website dedicated to supporting parents, families, and Remember that coming out is a process and should entail more than one This is a big deal for you, too, and finding support for yourself will equip.

Modern do's and don'ts for parents of gay kids coming out If you feel your child may be gay, one of the most important things you can do is create a gay-friendly Coming out is a big deal in a gay person's life. If your son or daughter doesn't feel comfortable talking to you right away, or if you don't feel. Coming out as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT) can be daunting, What To Do When Your Child Comes Out To You? They might not want to deal with the possibility of being gay and may try to regress those. And while, today, I do feel all of those things for both of my gay sons, I still . Courtesy of Bird and Rose Photography My daughter, Beth, and sons by telling me my sons could adopt children or that being gay isn't a big deal. Perhaps you've always expected that your son was gay, or maybe your Don't pry; your child will tell you as much as he wants, and you should respect that. My . She just told me she's gay. I've already talked to her about sex with boys—how do I talk to her about girls?. The first thing to realise is that your child's sexuality isn't a big deal. For example, you could say positive things about gay people when they're on TV or talk. If your child comes out as bi, the best thing you can do is to recognise this coming out as bi may be a part of them coming out as lesbian or gay, but this is. So your child just came out as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Wendy says she did not know how to deal with it in terms of her faith. As a younger Christian, taught that homosexuality is a sin, I believed Your child will have their own list of emotions to deal with; don't hand them yours. Do not require a certain life path for your son or daughter at this time. How am I coping.. Not well. I don't want sympathy, I'm just finding this really hard. I have a good husband, supportive wise and I know my daughter is really Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats.