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In both the novels and the television adaption, Gossip Girl is a blogger whose true identity is never revealed. It is later ultimately revealed in the television series finale to be Dan Humphrey, although Georgina Sparks and Serena van der Woodsen both have times where they take. Gossip Girl is an American young adult novel series written by Cecily von Ziegesar and . A romantic whose imagination runs off wildly at the worst times, he is also over-analytical . Wolf also claims that sex saturates the Gossip Girl books. Almost every time a beloved book series is made into a TV series or film, diehard book fans cringe just a little bit. It's not often that every nuance.

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A look at how Gossip Girl changed in the transition from paper to screen. and read the books that provided the inspiration for the series. 20 Parts of the Gossip Girl Book Series That Didn't Make It to the TV Show It's true. Our favorite womanizer was barely present in the book. The revelation that Dan Lonely Boy Humphrey was Gossip Girl all along give away the ending if you want him to pick up the book again.”.

Dan and Serena only have a very brief relationship, and they are completely different in the books. Serena is also more of a mean girl than. Is it supposed to be a real person, or just a composite narrator that . In the books, Gossip Girl's identity is never revealed, for reasons the OP. Gossip Girl was finally revealed on the CW series' finale, after six time, viewers saw Dan decide to give the final chapter of his book to Nate.

The television series Gossip Girl turns nine today. (And by true fans, I mean people who devoured all of the books by Cecily von Ziegesar that. Exclusive! Boss Stephanie Savage answers the fans' burning, lingering questions. 15 Gossip Girl Book Plotlines That Never Made It To The Show a bunch of college seniors sing-stalking a 17 year old would be in real life.

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HOWEVER, upon rewatch of the pilot — and, let's face it, the rest of the series — I realized that they've hinted at Dan being Gossip Girl since the. If you have been living under a rock and don't know Gossip Girl's real identity — well first I highly suggest you take immediately to your Netflix. It gained a strong fan following that all started with a book series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar. Gossip Girl was based off. Here are 10 surprising facts even true Gossip Girl fans don't know. The first book, written by Cecily von Ziegesar, came out in , and the. The books by Cecily Von Ziegesar offers alternative storylines and endings for our beloved Gossip Girl characters and trust me they're scarily. Gossip Girl is one of the most popular television shows of our time, but for real estate, but the books are able to get away with more scandals. Complete order of Gossip Girl books in Publication Order and Chronological Order. Buy Gossip Girl First UK Edition by Cecily Von Ziegesar (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Greetings, Gossip Girl fans, Lindsay here. I recently had a dish session with GG producer and writer Stephanie Savage (who's. The wicked joy of the “Gossip Girl” novels. As the first book opens, Blair Waldorf—who is almost seventeen and Blair is sulking because her mother's new boyfriend, a Jewish real-estate developer named Cyrus Rose.