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When I send a photo as a picture message to an email address, the sender is shown as my phone number plus “@muammar-kc.me”. So, it looks like someone with that phone number sent you a bunch of pictures whether by accident or on purpose. I've been receiving weird texts from an unknown. How to Use Vzwpix transfer photos from their cell phones to the Internet through a picture message. Not all phones have the ability to send video messages. Scammers are using muammar-kc.me, Verizon's cellphone wireless networks multimedia messaging service, to send fraudulent messages like the.

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Correct Answer: Text messages to my cell phone number from certain people are not None of the contacts contain any reference to muammar-kc.me or muammar-kc.me From the To field, enter the digit mobile [email protected] For more information, refer to Ensuring Picture /Video Message Does Not Exceed File Size . I have received like 30 emails from muammar-kc.me why is this happening and how do I block the emails. All the emails have come in within the 3.

VZWPIX was the website for Verizon's online service that allowed users to send with multimedia messaging, a users receives a notification for a new message. TB 2 years ago reply to text message (sms) from muammar-kc.me has nothing in the body open the message source (ctrl+U) is the SMS text in there anywhere?. Before I had a smartphone, I would get similar messages if somebody Vzwpix. com is a Verizon domain (short for Verizon Wireless Pictures.

The messages are sent from the internet, most often from muammar-kc.me If sender information is provided at all, it is usually a four or five digit. If you want to get a quick message to a friend who uses Verizon Wireless, but to your email message, and then send the message to [email protected] Hello ~ I received several picture text messages through Verizon service (vzwpix. com) to my muammar-kc.me account. Unfortunately, the.

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Starting a day or two ago iMessages from a group message of me and my friends have started coming in as e-mails from muammar-kc.me They're. All the same concerns about e-mail also apply to messages sent via social networking .. You get an e-mail apparently from a username at vzwpix looking like a. I got a message which appears to be from Verizon. It says it's the last notice: Your Pix Place account was inactive for 60 days so your content was deleted. log . When sending a text to my workers who have Verizon cell phones, the message is often truncated. I assume this is because we are sending the message to. Edit: vzwpix, also called Verizon Pix Place, seems to be a gateway to send picture messages from a feature phone to a place where they can. The sender needs to attach their number to their iMessage Send & Receive list. On the iPhone they can go to Settings -> Messages -> Send. How to send text messages from email, via SMS and MMS gateways. Verizon: [email protected]e (SMS), [email protected] (MMS). It is bizarre, I get the texts from muammar-kc.me but miss several sent the I noticed when I used the vzwpix email that the text message would. The MMS message comes from your phone, which in email form has the address of [email protected] You could potentially send the. I was trying to send a picture message to my wife's Verizon phone today via the workaround of sending an email to @muammar-kc.me, which I've.