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I wasn't quite looking forward to the AS Val as I remember it being a bit of a pain in BF3 (at least until you started unlocking its add-ons, such as. Battlefield 4 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and part but completing the requirements to actually unlock the AS VAL is not hard. You have to do a bunch of squad repairs and spend ten minutes in a helicopter. Im not certain if you have to just be in it, flying it, or using the.

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The Official Battlefield 4 Subreddit. AS VAL kinda sucks though. EDIT: Turns out to unlock the other guns you have to do Second Assault. The AS Val is unlocked at Rank 45 as part of the all-kit weapons. . The AS VAL is a weapon featured in the Battlefield 4: Second Assault expansion for the. Here is how you can earn the new AS VAL assault rifle in Battlefield 4 Second Assault with the Co-Pilot assignment. The AS VAL in Battlefield 4.

I have the 10 squad repairs, but I spent almost 20 minutes in a non-squad transport heli on Siege of Shanghai and didn't unlock it does it have. There you see how to unlock Second Assault weapons: Firstly you need to be rank AS VAL: Spend 10 minutes in helicopter. Do 10 squad repairs. ME4: China Rising: . I know the requirement is 10 squad repair ribbons and 10 minutes in helicopters( scout and attack only), but does all of this have to be done in.


How to unlock the AS VAL in Battlefield 4 - Co-Pilot Assignment. New BF4 map “ Dragon Valley 2” looks stunning in these screenshots. Co-pilot. How to unlock the as val in bf4? What is the structure of the BF4- ion? How well your PC will perform running BF4 COD Ghosts and Dayz depends on the type of . In order to unlock the AS Val in Battlefield 4, you need to do the bronze assignment Co-Pilot for which you will need to spend 10 minutes in. BF4 Second Assault Assignments/Rewards 25 KILLS WITH AS VAL able to at least unlock the AS VAL beforehand, since it doesn't really. Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC Assignments and Rewards Revealed The AS VAL was unlocked pretty late, along with the DA not. 特徴、アドバイス、補足. 任務『副操縦士(CO-PILOT)』の達成が解除条件。 内容は以下 の通り。 ヘリに10分乗る; 分隊員の操縦するビークルの修理を10回行う難易度は低いと . Battlefield 4 Bulldog Unlock & Mastery Dog Tag + Dragon's Teeth TDM Thou . .. Battlefield 4 - AS Val Review: Highest DPS In The Game! Battlefield 4. Mar 03, , Massive Battlefield 4 Winter Patch Introduces Squad Obliteration Mode optional objectives for players to complete in order to unlock various awards, including, the DLC weapons. . Reward: AS VAL (PDW). This is a DLC Weapon, meaning that I will first show you how to actually unlock this godlike PDW: Co-Pilot Assignment. - Reach Rank It fires the 9x39mm WP Unlocked, Co Pilot Assignment. Fire Modes, Semi-Auto. How to unlock the AS VAL in Battlefield 4 - Co-Pilot Assignment. Battlefield 4.