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Where a committee decides to combine its meeting with another committee's, each committee is convened separately by its Chair. Meetings of joint. 1 [transitive] convene something to arrange for people to come together for a formal meeting to convene a meeting A Board of Inquiry was convened immediately. Richard Lent, a Boston-area consultant who has spent 25 years trying to improve his meetings, believes you can learn to host more productive.

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Whenever the interests of the company so require, the statutory manager convenes a General Meeting of Shareholders. The statutory auditor can also convene. Procedure for notifying shareholders (participants) on holding the meeting ( session) Persons (bodies) entitled to convene (request) an extraordinary meeting. convene. The verb convene is a somewhat formal way of saying to bring together for the purpose of a meeting. Convene is one of those words that lend an air.

Convene definition: If someone convenes a meeting or conference, they arrange for it to take place. You can | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and. Convening of Meeting. The Issuer or the Trustee may convene a Meeting at any time, and the Trustee shall be obliged to do so subject to its being indemnified. Whether you have planned meetings or none at all, there is no doubt that the list of questions to ask seems endless. Next time you are tasked with being the.

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Quick facts. To convene a meeting that makes progress, take time beforehand to clarify its purpose and plan an agenda. Planning a thoughtful agenda with tasks. General requirements for a meeting All formal meetings of the association must be properly convened in accordance with the association's rules. All members. Guideline developers and stakeholders convene regularly in a series of town hall -style meetings in which a guideline advisory committee serves as executive. convening definition: 1. present participle of convene 2. to bring together a group of people for a meeting, or to meet for a meeting. Learn more. In the Netherlands the board and the supervisory board are authorised to convene a shareholders' meeting. This authority may also be granted to others in the. Convening a meeting. 1. Meetings of the government group (hereinafter 'the group') are convened by the. Chair, either on its own initiative, or at the request of a. Commission,. HAS ADOPTED THE FOLLOWING RULES OF PROCEDURE: Article 1. Convening a meeting. 1. A meeting of the committee shall be convened by. Here are 5 tips for an effective board meeting to maximize its effectiveness and help you earn the praise you deserve. There are, broadly, two types of members' meetings held by companies - the annual general meeting (AGM) and ordinary general meetings. CONVENING OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. The Board of Directors kindly invites the shareholders, the holders of warrants and stock.